The Upstanders — a documentary about individual acts of courage and the impact of peer power to eradicate bullying.

Bystanders fuel bullying. They also have the power to make bullying vanish. The Upstanders explores cyber-bullying, bullying amongst friends, families, co-workers and the brain science behind it all. The film and series highlights new laws and programs already reducing bullying in schools and shows us how we can learn to make a difference together. As with all of our films, The Upstanders will provide resources, tools and hope. Ages 10+

Release is slated for Fall 2019 and will be the newest addition to an arsenal of social, emotional impact films that create positive, solution focused change in the world.

The Upstanders team

Executive Producers
Scilla Andreen
Leslie Chihuly
Terese Clark

Scilla Andreen

Ian Andreen

Consulting Producer
Nicole Jon Sievers

Dan Geischen

Education Consultant
Scott Ross