Perspective: The Party

Interested in Screenings?

Perspective: The Party is currently test screening at 3 colleges/universities to track and measure impact in order to understand how best to distribute this project nationwide to all colleges for free. If you're interested in bringing perspective to your college in the future, please fill out the form below!

A Unique VR Experience

Perspective: The Party premiered at Sundance and is a 10 minute virtual reality project that addresses consent and sexual assault on college campuses. A young woman attends her first college party, her mind set on cutting loose and shedding the “shy girl” identity she’s struggled with since high school. At the same party, an awkward, but slightly charming young man is hoping for a similar reinvention. Add booze and misinterpreted signals, and two different stories emerge out of what happens during the night's events. Perspective allows viewers to experience the same encounter from two completely different points of view. 

This pilot program is happening thanks to help from the following companies/organizations:


About the Creators


Rose Troche is an award-winning writer, director, and producer of film, television, and New Media. Her works include Go Fish, The Safety of Objects, The L Word, Concussion, and much more. Her career began in experimental film, and she is pleased it is finding its way back with Sugar, a multipart narrative experiment that will begin production in early 2015, and with her collaboration with Morris May on Perspective.


Morris May is CEO and founder of Specular Theory, a virtual reality production studio and creative technology lab. May has been a digital effects expert for more than 25 years, working on 30+ Hollywood films, including two Academy Award winners: Spiderman II and Happy Feet. As the CEO of Specular Theory, he researches, selects, and develops cutting-edge technology to make storytelling possible in the new, unexplored world of virtual reality.