Finding Kind explores the ways girls treat each other, and how this treatment affects us all. Through a cross-country journey of discovery and education on the topic of girl bullying, filmmakers Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson begin conversations that bring this important issue out of the dark, and uncover the experiences shared by girls in schools and communities across the country.

About Our Director/Producer


Lauren grew up in Laguna Niguel, Orange County, and currently resides in Los Angeles. As a film student at Pepperdine, Lauren realized the enormous good documentaries can do and decided to apply her passion for film to this issue and make a documentary about the way girls treat each other and the way it affects us. Finding a way to stop girl bullying in schools across America has been an important Issue for as long as she can remember.

About Our Producer


Molly grew up In Dallas, Texas before moving to California to attend Pepperdine University to study acting and film/television production. She has always had a passion for helping others and for the way film affects people and can inspire them to action. Molly's negative experience with girl bullying occurred in high school. Ostracized by a group of girls, she feared answering the phone, going to school, and felt a terrible loneliness. A small core of loyal friends stuck by her, and the year ended on a note of healing and forgiveness.

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There have been thousands of life-changing Kind Campaign Assemblies across the world. Hosting an assembly starts an honest conversation about girl-against-girl bullying and provides students, faculty and parents with tools to inspire positive change. At the center of the assembly is Kind Campaign’s documentary, Finding Kind.

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